After 80 years of development and growth, Honolulu is not only where Hong Kong locals enjoy daily meals but it has become an attraction for visiting gourmets from all over the world looking for that unique Hong Kong Café experience. Behind each signature plate is the unending pursuit of high standards in both ingredients and taste. We keep the benchmark high for everything that comes out of our kitchen, whether it's just a snack or one of our famous main items:

* Signature Honolulu Coffee
* Golden Egg Tart with 192 layers of crust
* Hong Kong trilogy of Buttered Bo Lo Bun, French Toast and silk-stocking Hong Kong Milk Tea
* Cantonese Roast Meats
* Baked Rice Delights and Hot Plate Specials
* Hong Kong-Style Fried Rice and Noodles
* Cantonese Stir-Fries
* Hong Kong-Style Beverages

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